Interview with Hays Worthington & Sarah Lee Martin

Interview with Hays Worthington & Sarah Lee Martin

Interview with Hays Worthington & Sarah Lee Martin

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In this video interview, we interview Sarah Lee Martin, one of the co-founders of Hays Worthington, an estate and antique jewelry company based in New York City. Hays Worthington specializes in everything from Georgian to Art Deco, Retro to Contemporary jewelry sales; they also design many of their own jewelry based on some of the most unique pieces they’ve found from a multitude of time periods. In the first part of the video, Sarah discusses how a buyer can learn the different time periods.

When it comes to market shifts in what collectors are looking for, Sarah feels that quality is the cornerstone of most antique jewelry purchases today.  She also shares that for younger buyers, the details, the story behind a piece, and the workmanship are what bring them to purchase and becoming collectors. Watch the first part to gain more insight into developing a younger buyer by understanding what’s important to them.

In this part of the interview, Sarah goes step-by-step through the time periods and shows you what to look for when collecting jewelry across multiple eras. Do you know when jewelry makers stop using silver to set diamonds and developed the ability to work in platinum? Do you know what makes European diamonds set in platinum with rubies and emeralds a hallmark of the Art Deco period? After watching this pare you will:

After Art Deco, Retro (which followed WWII) jewelry featured big, bold designs and brought on the use of gold. Tube De Gaz became popular during this time because of the industrial and military influences. There were other significant shifts in jewelry design and symbolism due to the war. Watch on to learn more:

While newer, the contemporary side of antiques hold a high demand. From Chanel to Hermes, Cartier to Patek Philippe, Sarah discusses the importance of contemporary jewelry. In this part of the interview, she uses Seaman Shcepps and Henry Dunay jewelry to illustrate key design elements, metals and stones found in more contemporary pieces. Watch to learn more:

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